Lady Gaga, Cake


Lady Gaga wants to have her cake and hump it, too.

After teasing some killer stripper-tastic moves last week, Mother Monster has released a follow-up sneak peek to the upcoming music video for her new rap ditty "Cake."

And, based on the sticky evidence (that would be icing—curb those pervy thoughts, pronto!), the pop star is ready to show everyone a finger-lickin'-good time.

In this second, NSFW teaser, Gaga gets down and dirty with a supersize cake, turning her, um, own little monsters into de facto cake beaters.

She cavorts, grinds, writhes and does all manner of unspeakable acts to the poor, hapless baked good, which is reduced to a squishy puddle of icing and overbaked libido.

She also gets freaky with a mirror before unloading the coup de grâce: a booty-shaking finale in a tub in which she's dressed in nothing but a thong.

The pop star has yet to announce when the full video for "Cake" will drop, but props to Gaga: The gal certainly knows how to serve up a tasty slice.

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