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This wild ride is almost coming to a close.

The craziness that is Rihanna on her 777 tour with numerous journalists and lucky fans, got somewhat of a late start when making their trip to London, but at this point, everyone's learned that this kinda thing happens.

After arriving at the Grosvenor House hotel in mid-morning, the crew witnessed the singer light the Christmas tree at the Westfield Mall in Stratford in the late afternoon. And then it was show time.

Today was also the launch of her album, Unapologetic, which was held at the biggest venue it's been held at so far, The Forum in London. And this event brought on two more firsts for the trip. The concert was streamed live on YouTube to the entire world—the first on the tour to be livestreammed—and, Ri-Ri, who was scheduled to take the stage at 10:15 p.m., actually went on three minutes early. That almost never happens!

She came out in a white long-sleeved jacket and matching pants with a leopard bra underneath, and red Manolo Blahnik heels. The crowd gave the France fans a run for their money, singing along to every song.

Rihanna told them, "It's number six of seven and you guys are coming at me so friggin' excited. I think me and the rest of my 777 crew can all agree that we've been waiting to get here."

She added, "Unapologetic is in stores! It's No. 1 on iTunes and third in the UK. I mean who does that?!"

At one point, the celeb started getting hot and began to take her jacket off. "What you want Britain? You want me to take it off Britain?" Um, duh, Ri-Ri.

During her acoustic set, she took the microphone away and let the crowd sing almost the entire chorus of "Unfaithful." However, after the first verse of "Where Have You Been," the track was out of sync with the band. Rihanna cut the song short, apologized and told the band to start the song over.

Like her shows in Mexico City and Toronto, the singer kept in line with tradition and took a shot onstage. The show ended at 11:20 p.m., and the crew began gearing up for their last stop on the 777 tour: New York City.

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