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What would a dinner party be without a cold dish of drama?

On tonight's episode, Yolanda Hadid hosts a party at her Malibu home for the girls and this wouldn't be on Bravo if everything went smoothly.

Here is what happened, including Lisa Vanderpump and Adrienne Maloof's first face-to-face meeting this season:

Richards Girls are Growing Up: While Kim gets her daughter ready for the prom, Kyle is teaching her girl how to parallel park. Kim gets teary when her teenage daughter (emphasis on teenage since you can tell she is eager to get out of there with her date) leaves. Kyle meanwhile seem to beam at how well her daughter can park that Porsche.

Dooming Drama: Lisa stops by Kyle's to dish about the awkwardness that is about to ensue when she sees Adrienne for the first time. Both will be at Yolanda's dinner party, which ends up being stunning. And all things considered, fairly tame. The first awkward moment happens when Paul Nassif walks in, sees Lisa, and she walks away. 

Tipsy Taylor: Last year was a difficult time for Taylor Armstrong and the thin starlet (even though she says she has gained 10 pounds) appears to be coping through her issues with a swig or two of wine. At least, this is what Yolanda seems to be thinking. She gets upset with Taylor when the Fosters start an after dinner music session and Taylor isn't a fan of David Foster's tunes. If looks could kill, Taylor might be kaput, but luckily for the guests the ladies keep their mouths shut. Also while said wine was being served, Taylor does not hide her disdain for Brandi Glanville making some awkward dinner diss comments.

Silent Treatment: Both Adrienne and Lisa go to Yolanda's party but neither will make the first vocal move. They both think the other owes them an apology. After giving each other the silent treatment all night they decide to meet for a drink and hash things out.

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