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Add this to the list of TV goodies we're thankful for this year: A brand-spankin'-new Thanksgiving episode of New Girl

And, as this exclusive First Look shows, it has the potential to become a hilarious insta-classic, y'all! The setup: Jess (Zooey Deschanel) is hosting Thanksgiving dinner at the loft, and she's more than a little on edge, considering the guest list includes her long-divorced parents (hello, guest stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Rob Reiner!) who, according to Cece (Hannah Simone), are only capable of sharing a civil meal together "if they're both gagged and blindfolded."

Perhaps that's because the two are so obviously different. While Jess' mom turns out to be quite similar to her singing, dancing, costume-loving daughter (check out that Pilgrim hat!), Dad comes across as—surprise!—an older, crankier Nick. "You know what I'm thankful for today?" Dad grumbles. "Divorce." 

Regardless, eternal-optimist Jess is still holding out hope for—and trying to orchestrate—a reconciliation, making the episode, as actor Jake Johnson (Nick) puts it, "an homage to Parent Trap." But the plan goes awry when, in the clip's funniest moment, Nick suddenly begins getting flirty with Mom. There's a little back rubbing. Some topping off of a glass of wine. And this LOL-worthy exchange:

A disturbed Jess: "Nick, what are you doing?"

Nick, clearly a bit disturbed himself: "I think I'm into your mother. I don't know how it happened!"

Check out the clip below, then hit the comments to let us know if you think it's as tasty as we do!

New Girl airs Tuesday at 9 pm on Fox.

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