Come Friday, The Jerry Springer Show boldly goes where no show--itself included--has gone before, devoting a whole hour to bestiality. (Or, in daytime talker talk, "Animals and the People who Love them.")

Titled "I Married a Horse," the show includes a guy describing his five-year marriage--yes, marriage--to a horse named Pixel, a woman recounting her whirlwind romance with her dog and a man who says he pines only for canines.

That's too much for some TV stations, and they're refusing to air the controversial episode from the top-rated syndicated talk show. Springer spokeswoman Linda Shafran tells Associated Press that a rerun of the "Past Guests Do Battle" episode will be available for broadcasters who find the topic too, er, racy. (Shafran says she doesn't know exactly how many stations objected.)

It's not like Jerry needs the publicity. He's been the object of protest in recent weeks for the overly violent and prurient material featured on his tabloid-esque show (Springer producers have promised to tone down the WWF-style antics) and been dubbed a phony by past guests who say their fights were choreographed by Springer's minions.

And last week, the Cincinnati politico-turned-ratings chaser was caught on videotape in a hotel room, trysting with a porn star and her stepmother.

For Springer, these are dog days, indeed.

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