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Looks like Rihanna's not the only one baring some skin!

The singer's 777 tour has already broken a lot of firsts, but a buck-naked streaker running down the aisles at 20,000 feet may take the cake.

Shortly after takeoff at 3:30 a.m. from Berlin on the way to London, the journalists traveling with the Barbadian beauty seemed to have grown tired from their lack of access to Rihanna.

It started with a slow clap after the successful takeoff, followed by chants of "Ri-Ri! Ri-Ri!," which turned into "Just one quote! Just one quote!," which turned into "Save our jobs! Save our jobs!"

(The journalists seemed to be unhappy after five days of minimal face time with Rihanna).

At this point, the entire midsection of the plane was on their feet with cameras and recorders rolling.

It was then that an Australian radio shock jock who was part of the traveling media ran down the aisles buck naked, eliciting cheers from the entire plane.

Rihanna popped her head out of business class for a split second before heading back to the front of the plane.

Only on Ri-Ri's tour, folks!

Ri-Ri goes pantsless in Paris!

Earlier in the day in Berlin, E! News was treated to a backstage tour before the show. Rihanna's dressing room was very casual, containing three couches around a coffee table, a food table with hummus and a bottle of red wine.

After a two-hour wait that led some in the audience to whistle jeers, Ri-Ri finally appeared in an unbuttoned white shirt and a black mesh dress with a giant marijuana leaf logo on the front

After a few songs, she addressed the crowd, saying, "Berlin, Berlin, what's poppin'! It's been too long since I've been here."

The venue was the smallest on the tour and became hot very quickly. In fact, Rihanna told the crowd, "It's so hot in here! It's so hot, but that's your fault—you're having such a good time!"

After a set that lasted a little over an hour followed by some downtime, the 777 tour headed back to the plane, where, unbeknownst to everyone, a happy streaker awaited.

The plane landed in London shortly after 5 a.m. Clearly, it's been a long day.

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