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Last week on The Walking Dead, we watched Rick (Andrew Lincoln) struggle with grief at the loss of his wife, while the rest of the living prison population adjusted to life with a new baby. And in Woodbury, Michonne (Danai Gurira) marched off into the wilderness solo, leaving Andrea (Laurie Holden) behind to flirt with the Governor and be his date for the zombie/human arena spectacle. He even served cold drinks. Stay classy, Gov.

So what happened in this week's episode? Well, we get to learn who's calling Rick, for one thing. And so, so much more, people...



Michonne's Sword Can Kill People as Well as Zombies: And it does. Suspecting that the Gov (David Morrissey) will send the people of Woodbury out to the woods to kill her, she crafts a sign out there—"Go Back"—written in zombie parts. It doesn't work; Merle (Michael Rooker) and a few other men continue to pursue her, so she jumps out of hiding, kills a bunch of them, then runs off, leaving Merle and a kid named Neil in hot pursuit. A bunch of zombies show up. All the humans jump in to decapitate them. Michonne is covered in zombie gore, but escapes Merle's clutches once again. After the scrum, Neil decides he doesn't want to play along with Merle anymore, because, come on, who does, and Merle offs him.

Carol's Alive! Yay!: Daryl has been looking for Carol (Melissa McBride), and he finally finds her, wounded but still human, and he carries her back to safety.

Maggie and Glenn Get Kidnapped. Oh no!: During a supply run in town, the two lovers run into Merle. As Michonne watches from a safe place, Merle insists on being brought to his brother, Daryl (Norman Reedus). The kids refuse, so Merle drags them back to Woodbury. The Gov is not pleased that Merle failed to bring him the head of Michonne, but he's intrigued about the two new additions.

Andrea and the Governor Are Totally Doing It: And by it, we don't mean zombie experiments or arena fighting. The coupling comes after Andrea (Laurie Holden) tries out for a job guarding one of the walls, and shows that she prefers killing zombies by hand.

Rick Has a Hell of a Phone Plan. Remember that phone we heard ringing in the last episode? Well, at first, it sounds like a bunch of secretive psychotherapists might be on the other line. The callers tease Rick with descriptions of a safe place away from zombies. But then the voice of Lori gets on the blower. Yep, the dead Lori. And that's when we realize what fans of the Walking Dead comic already know: Rick has cracked. Still, he manages to stumble back to the home cell block and cuddle his baby for a while. Later, he takes a walk in the prison yard, just in time to see Michonne arrive, surrounded by walkers who can't sense her, thanks to her zombie-gore cloak of invisibility.

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