Walking Dead call

Another episode of The Walking Dead is coming right up! So what can you expect tonight? A hell of a lot of surprises, that's what. And not just the bloody kind.

Let's get to the teasing!

Michonne Is an Artist, Who Knew? The show's badass loner feels she needs to send a message to the fine folk of Woodbury, Merle in particular. And her chosen medium is definitely one that isn't taught in your average art class. And while she is no longer a citizen of Woodbury, it looks like the town will have two new prisoners visitors this episode.

Rick Has a Little Friend...or Does He? Remember that phone we heard ringing in the last episode? Well, that usually means that someone is calling, right? The people on the other end of Rick's mysterious phone call are definitely intriguing—and possibly a bunch of qualified psychotherapists.

Andrea Has a Confession to Make: No, she isn't keeping a zombie daughter in her bedroom. But we'll learn that Andrea is a better fit for Woodbury than she previously thought.

The Gov Can Be Real Dreamy: Don't believe us? Well, not every plot point in The Walking Dead is about fighting, you know. You'll see.

And that isn't even the biggest surprise of the night...

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