Matthew Perry, Go On


Ryan (Matthew Perry) is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and we're all invited! Or at least the peeps in his support group are, which, as this exclusive clip from the November 20 episode of the NBC comedy reveals, leaves them feeling more suspicious than thankful.

"You never invite us to anything," says no-nonsense lawyer Anne (Julie White), smelling a metaphorical turkey. "What is your angle?"

"All right, OK," a busted Ryan finally admits. "It's about the girl."

Said girl is Amy, an old college pal of both Ryan's and Stephen's (John Cho), who's back in town for the holiday and, as played by the always awesome Lauren Graham, is as crush-worthy as the sportscaster and his boss both remember. 

Naturally, the recently widowed Ryan feels a little conflicted about sparking with another woman, which is why he's proceeding with caution. "I'm not ready to act on anything, but I do have some feelings for her," he explains, "and I think Stephen's getting ready to make a play." In other words, love triangle alert!

"If they do go out, it will close a door for me," Ryan continues. "So what I need you guys to do with Thanksgiving is to create an atmosphere that's as desexualized as possible."

Will Ry's support group support him with this tricky mission?

Check out the clip below to find out, then hit the comments to let us know if you're as excited about Parenthood star Graham's guest appearance as we are!

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