Once Upon a Time's Josh Dallas Teases Snow and Charming's Reunion, Shares on Finding Love With Ginnifer Goodwin!

Exclusive! The onscreen Prince Charming recalls his first date with his on- and offscreen love for us, saying it was "fantastic and marvelous!"

By Tierney Bricker Nov 16, 2012 8:30 PMTags

Once upon a time, Prince Charming and Snow White met and fell in love...

Sounds like a fairy tale, right? Well, it kind of is, but it's also a true story when it comes to Once Upon a Time costars Josh Dallas and Ginnifer Goodwin, who quietly began dating soon after taking on the roles of Charming and Snow for ABC's hit drama.

We recently sat down with the ever-charming Josh, who opened up a bit about their relationship and teased what's ahead for Snow and Charming on Once Upon a Time, including the tough decision they will face after they are reunited...

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Snow White and Prince Charming became a fan-favorite couple within the show's fanbase from their very first scene together. (Call it love at first glass coffin!) And many were upset when the two were reunited in the season one finale only to be separated again in the season two premiere, when Snow and Emma (Jennifer Morrison) landed in Fairy Tale Land. So what's next for the first couple of Fairy Tale Land?

"We're going to see more of the dynamic between Snow and Charming. Of course, Charming is trying to get them back. I think I can be pretty confident in saying that he will find a way to get them back into Storybrooke and into their life, but then it's about how they move on with their relationship," Dallas says. "They've been apart for 28 years basically, so it's about them rediscovering each other again and whether or not they want to stay in Storybrooke. Charming wants to go back, I think. He wants to go back to Fairy Tale Land, back to their kingdom, the one that they fought for, the one that they love."

Still, Snow isn't the only lady Charming was looking to rescue and reconnect with. "He has a daughter [Emma] that he he has missed out 28 years of her life, so it's about reconnecting with her and figuring out what that is," Dallas explains. "I think he doesn't want to push the parental thing with her very much. He wants to kind of stay back and find out who she is as a woman."

Dallas teases that it's not all reunions and family dynamics when the ladies return, as another, more nefarious one, will be crashing the party as well. "We have Cora (Barbara Hershey) coming to town, and she's a nasty character, so we'll see what chaos ensues when she arrives," Dallas says. 

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Of course, one of the reasons Snow and Charming became so popular with the fans was in large part due to the chemistry between Josh and Ginnifer, who have been dating for over a year. "It's definitely a plus that we get to spend so much time together," Josh says of the couple working on the show in tandem. "I think it adds something; it adds a different dynamic to the characters that we're playing that we can bring to it. It's always a great day going to work with Ginnifer Goodwin; she's a fantastic actress and I learn so much from her. We just get to play, so it's nice.

And while Josh wouldn't spill any deets on their first date, he calls it "fantastic and marvelous!" and says he "possibly" made the first move! So what do they do in their free time? "A lot of skiing." 

Watch out, though, Ginnifer, as Josh says that since the show has premiered he has received  "a lot of marriage proposals from all ages, which is interesting! But a lot of that, people call me Charming. And, you know, I could be called a lot worse!"

Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

—Reporting by Farrell Roth 

To hear more from Josh, including how he and Ginnifer keep their romance private, watch our interview with him above!

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