American's Got Talent might be in need of its own talent to fill the judges' seats for the upcoming season.  

After Sharon Osbourne officially announced her exit from the popular summer reality series after the eighth season, Howard Stern is also opening up about his future at the judges' table, and admits he might not be back.

"I'm still working on the decision about America's Got Talent," the controversial judge admits to E! News at a special screening for Breaking Dawn Part 2. "You know like the Magic 8 Ball, the answer is still fuzzy. I'm thinking about it, though, I'm thinking about it seriously."

"I would love to see him again!" wife Beth Ostrosky adds while admitting that she would watch her hubby at home with her cats in bed.

And Stern has a theory as to why he's found such success: 

"I never worried in my career about what people thought or my reputation," the famed radio personality reveals. "I always did what I thought was funny. Some people liked it, some didn't. That's how you become a top performer. 

Stern continues, noting that he has always focused on the positive, despite the negative criticism (and low ratings) he received when he first joined AGT:

"You've got to be original. You can't sit and look at focus groups. You can't read your comments on Twitter. You've got to go ahead and do what's true to your heart, and that's what I tell people on America's Got Talent. It's really the basic truth: You just have to go ahead and do what you think is right." 

Speaking of being true to your heart, Stern has his own opinions on a highly controversial yet heartfelt matter: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's rekindled relationship.

"I believe Gen. [David] Petraeus and Holly should stay together like these two vampires," Stern jokes.

"If you ever cheat on me, I will never take you back," Ostrosky adds. 

"I would never blow a good thing," the 58-year-old funnyman insists.

He adds, "I would never cheat on you," before turning to the camera: "What are you doing tonight?"

See? Even Howard Stern is guilty of getting fired up over Robsten's relationship! 

—Reporting by James Chairman

Do you think AGT needs that dose of Stern's signature humor? Tell us your thoughts on the TV personality returning to the popular reality show! 

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