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Rachel Berry, man-eater?!

After spending most of her high school years pining over one fella, Finn, it seems like Glee's resident diva will not be shying away from the opposite sex while at NYADA. In today's Spoiler Chat, we've got scoop on the hot new guy that will be introduced on the Fox hit later this season, plus juicy spoilers on American Horror Story: Asylum's connection to a season-one storyline, a new warrior on Once Upon a Time and a new clue regarding that highly anticipated hookup that we teased yesterday!

Grant in Boston: Slacking on NCIS spoilers, but I'll forgive you if I get one this week.
You're in luck! But maybe not, because this spoiler can be seen as foreboding. NCIS is looking for someone to play a minister to perform at a…wait for it…funeral service.

Katie C.: Will Finn or Rachel have any new love interests this season? Please say no.
This Glee scoop could be unrelated to Finn and Rachel…or it could mean a new love interest for Rachel. We'll let you decide: Glee is looking for someone to play Paul, a mid 20s handsome, confident and extremely charming man. And since he must be a good singer and he's sticking around for more than one episode, we anticipate he'll be an important character for somebody. Look for him in episode 11. 

Zoey: After this week's crazy episode, I am desperate for AHS scoop!
We just stumbled upon a spoiler-y casting tidbit that we can't reveal right now, but we can give you a couple clues about two new characters joining the show. Their "origin," for lack of a better word, has a tie-in with this week's episode, and the characters are one of the few things Asylum has in common with season one of American Horror Story.

Rebecca: Dying! Your Blind Item Mega-Spoiler has me thinking it's Annie and Jeff from Community. True?
Not even a little bit! In case you missed it, we dropped a pretty big spoiler bomb about a couple hooking up within the next few weeks. What else you need to know: There's a sneaky little hitch to this hookup, so it's not quite the slam-dunk you shippers have been hoping for! Still, though, it is red hot and yes, they do indeed do the deed.

Homeland, Damian Lewis, Claire Danes


Carla in Seattle: Need Homeland scoop. Please and thank you!
You cut right to the chase—we like it! If Carrie and Brody's makeout session last week had you melting, prepare yourself for the "bone session" (that is Rupert Friend's phrase, FYI) coming this Sunday. Yes, our favorite noncouple finally do it for the first time since "The Weekend" episode in season one. Apparently that is the only way Carrie was able to calm Brody down because he completely loses his cool which does not please Nazir. Also, you will have to pay attention to the last 30 seconds Sunday night because Brody comes face to face with someone almost unrecognizable from his past.

Anna: In desperate need of some Once Upon a Time scoop!
Prepare for the arrival of a new princess: Helena! Confident and well-bred, this brunette knows her way around kings and courts and can wrap any man around her finger. Still, don't let the sweet-talking fool you: She's a warrior and has slain many deadly creatures; she's not afraid to get her hands dirty to get what she wants. 

Carson: Can't wait for The Newsroom to come back. Any scoop you can spill until then?
Expecting a new, more put-together Maggie in season two? In episode two of the new season, an embarrassing video of Maggie will be posted online by a young blogger, Erica. And yes, we will see Maggie confront her. Bonus: They are currently casting actors to play reporters on Mitt Romney's press tour bus. 2012 Election, Newsroom-style is coming, y'all! 

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Taryn Ryder

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