David Hasselhoff

Optic Photos; PacificCoastNews.com

If you only see one photograph today, make sure it's this one of David Hasselhoff dressed as a pirate posing on the hood of a car. Not just any pirate, he's actually Captain Hook and not just any car, but KITT.

Oh yes, the Hoff is reuniting with his Knight Rider costar while across the pond dabbling in local theater, taking on the nefarious pirate part in Peter Pan at the Opera House in Manchester, England. If you just closed this tab to book a seat on an international red eye and matinee ticket, well, you wouldn't still be reading this and we wouldn't blame you.

And because the more Hoff really does make for merrier everything, he's photobombing himself, sorta. Peep over his right shoulder and, yep, that's his smiley pirate mug staring back at you from the poster. Double the Hoff fun? We'll say "Aargh, matey!" to that!

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