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Lauren Scruggs is one brave young woman.

It's been almost a year since the 24-year-old model lost both her arm and her eye in a horrific accident when she unknowingly walked into a plane's propeller, but after taking time to heal both emotionally and physically, she's finally ready to discuss her altered appearance.

Scruggs sat down with Today's Natalie Morales (the full interview will air Friday morning), and the fashion blogger reveals how she felt the first time she looked in the mirror: 

"I think I just saw the reality of what had happened. I had my eye patch on, I didn't have my hand and half my head was shaved," Scruggs admits.

She continues, explaining how the sight was a shock for the still-stunning blonde:

"I was just thinking ‘Wow.' I mean again how life can change in an instant, and how that's not the way I have looked in the past." 

With the help of modern medicine, Scruggs is back to looking like her old self after she was fitted with prosthetics to replace the left arm and eye she lost in the accident.

The Plano,Texas native also spent more than a month at the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas after the Dec. 3 tragedy where she went through intense therapy to relearn basic skills. 

Way to maintain a postitive attitude, Lauren. You look great! 

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