Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith

20th Century Fox

Long before a romance scandal brought down CIA chief David Petraeus and Skyfall tore up the box office, we started a long love affair with great spy films. Quite often with movie secret agents who fell for each other, too (hi, Brad and Angie!).

Many of our favorites had spectacular set pieces, chases and gadgets: Arnold Schwarzenegger piloting a harrier jet in True Lies, Matt Damon gunning a Mini Cooper in The Bourne Identity, and most intriguing, Angelina Jolie with wicked raven hair in Salt. Others (quite a few) even made us laugh.

Also, to give every agent a shot, we're keeipng James Bond out of this. So here's our list super duper top-secret classified list of great (non-007) spy movies!

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