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If you ask Octomom's camp, the ring wasn't real to begin with.

A rep for Nadya Suleman is smacking down allegations that the mother of 14 accepted a 1.5-carat diamond ring as part of a publicity stunt with Celebrity Boxing founder Damon Feldman and never gave it back, prompting him to file a police report seeking its return.

"Nothing this man says is true and Nadya never left with the ring he tried to put on her. The ring was probably a $5 ring," Suleman's manager, Gina Rodriguez, tells E! News.

Per the incident report obtained by Radar from Pennsylvania's Marple Township Police Department, the alleged theft occurred in February 2012 when Nadya was promoting an event called the Pillow Fighting Championships and Feldman dropped down to one knee, put a ring on her finger and proposed as part of a staged photo shoot.

Only the still-single Suleman supposedly absconded with the rock, forcing the promoter to follow up with her peeps to get the ring back to no avail.

But according to Rodriguez, the whole story is "a lie."

"There was never any agreement about ANY publicity stunt with Damon," the rep says.

Rodriguez points out that Nadya requested her payment once she finished a pillow fight she agreed to participate in. When the erstwhile adult film star and a female friend met Feldman in his room at his request to collect the fee she was owed, Suleman was subsequently ambushed.

"When her and her girlfriend arrived to the room, Damon opened the door, let her in and dropped to his knee and conveniently had a photographer snapping pics of it quickly. The 'ring' he is talking about was fake and did not fit on her finger," notes the spokeswoman.

In any case, the matter is purely a civil one at this point, as police are not investigating any criminal wrongdoing. And for his part, Feldman has indicated his intention to file a civil suit to get the ring back or its alleged equivalent value of $7,500.

To which Octomom's rep says bring it on.

"We hope he does file a civil suit because we have the texts and emails arguing with Damon over the stunt that we were not aware of," Rodriguez adds.

Suleman, in the meantime, has been taking a much-needed break from the kids and various promotional duties to make ends meet. Last month, she checked into rehab in Orange, Calif., for a four-week stay to be treated for anxiety, stress and exhaustion.

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