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Welcome back to Sons of Anarchy, folks!

Last week, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) ended the episode hot on the tail of Juice (Chuck Zito), whom he knows has been something of a rat. And when Jax sets his sights on you, it's best to try and get out of the way.

Without futher ado, here's what went down tonight in Charming on the FX hit series...


Lieutenant Roosevelt Meets With Juice: The long and short of it, for Juice, is that he needs to get the hell out of Charming. Jax is after him, and he's afraid of what will happen if the situation comes up in front of the group, so he's going a bit rogue. Roosevelt (Rockmond Dunbar) knows this, and he's giving Juice the chance to get out. But is it too late for him? Probably—an important character hasn't been killed off in a while.

Juice Tells Jax That He Knows Jax Knows. You Know?: Instead of fleeing Charming and the man after who's him, Juice goes straight to Jax, and tells him that he knows that Jax knows that he was a rat. Oh me, oh my—what will Jax do? Use Juice's vulnerability to his advantage, of course! If Juice wants a pardon, he's gonna have to do penance—in the form of doing whatever it is Jax tells him to do. Juice and Clay are close—and now Juice is set with a particularly harrowing task: help prove that Clay intended to overthrow Jax. Life is now like a high-stakes chess game for Juice. Let's see who wins.

Tara Meets with Otto, Again: Tara (Maggie Siff) meets with Otto (Kurt Sutter) in the prison, to bully him into making his portion of the Rico case go away. And he agrees to make it go away, on one condition: Tara must bring him his cherished crucifix. And she will. So things are good. For now.

Opie's Killer is Being Protected By Allies: Never satisfied to leave an offense against their inner-circle go unpunished, the Sons are seeking out the man who killed Opie back when they spent time in County. The problem, though, as they soon find, is that he's being protected by the Grim Bastards—a group they just so happen to have a friendly relationship with—a relationship they would prefer to keep on good graces. Much to Jax's chagrin, some kind of compromise may be in order when it comes to avenging his best friend's death.

The Sons Want "to Talk" to Randy: Then suddenly the guys are chasing after Randy, who is a big guy, and it's kinda funny. They corner him. They just want to talk with him, see? They want names of the other people who killed Opie. But then, just when Randy and his cousin's gang are feeling comfortable—bam!—Chibs shoots him from behind. Bobby is not pleased, and neither are the Grim Bastards, seeing as how Jax and Chibs have just decided to scrap 20 years of inter-gang amicability. But Jax was feeling emotional, so he did an emotional thing by calling on Randy's murder, and avenging the death of his best friend. And the balance of the SOA's place in the world is once again rocked.

And Then, Clay Hugs Juice: Just when you thought Clay (Ron Perlman) was a ruthless animal (because he is), he starts to change his tune. In a moment alone with Juice—a moment, when, in reality, Clay caught Juice shuffling through Clay's papers—Clay decides to thank Juice for everything he's done. And then Clay hugs Juice. Tenderly. Because, really, how else could he make the moment more awkward? Then Clay transfers his affection to Gemma's backside. And are they about to have a moment too? Will sparks fly? Or is he just thanking her? Mercifully, only tears begin to fly as he goes in for a kiss. She says, "No, not here." Where then? "Let's go home."

Then Otto Kills a Nurse With a Crucifix: Of course, the whole thing with Otto and Tara went down too easily. He said he'd recant his statement, but really all he wanted was to get Tara on his side, which he did. In exchange for the reversal, Tara promised to bring him a crucifix that he had given Luann. And of course, Otto promptly goes on to murder the nurse he despises with said crucifix. Why? Probably to piss on Jax. A traumatized Tara becomes an accessory to murder.


"You gotta get outta Charming now; I didn't tell Jax, he already knew it was you."—Eli, to Juice

"I see an end." —Jax

"Let him hang himself."—Jax

"I know you know."—Juice

"Do you believe in God?"—Otto

"Brought you some basics—to change up your diet of bourbon and Corn Flakes."—Gemma

"I'll work on my pole dancing."—Unser

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