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Barry's Bootcamp was one of the best-kept celebrity workout secrets for quite some time. Stars such as Sandra BullockJake Gyllenhaaland Christina Applegate long enjoyed the low-key aspect of this high-intensity fitness class.

Then, Kim Kardashian started attending the sweat sessions (saying she notices a difference right away after she goes to the classes) and suddenly, everyone wanted in on the action!

Now, Barry's Bootcamp is a full-on celebrity fitness craze—with superfit superstar (and newlywed!) Jessica Biel even jumping on the butt-kicking bandwagon.

The thing that is so unique about these classes is the intensity and the atmosphere. Self-described as "drill sergeant tactics with a party atmosphere," the classes push your body to the limit, but you're having so much fun you hardly realize it—that is, until the next day! (Good sore, guys, don't worry!)

Utilizing focused interval training (or F.I.T), participants work at 100 percent of their ability for one-minute intervals with very short rests in between. This technique is actually the same method that professional athletes use and helps your body burn calories long after you leave the gym.

If Barry's Bootcamp will give us a gorgeous bikini bod like Kim K., sign us up for a series!

What do you think of this workout? Have you ever been to Barry's Bootcamp?  

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