Ice Loves Coco: "Baby Got Forecast" in GIF Form!

Check out the latest episode in animated GIFs

By Andy Neuenschwander Nov 14, 2012 5:00 PMTags

Every week, we do a full recap of the latest episode of Ice Loves Coco. But maybe you don't have time for all that reading, or maybe your attention span is shorter than Coco's heels (which, to be fair, are actually pretty long).

In any case, here's this week's episode, "Baby Got Forecast," in GIF form! Enjoy.

This is Ice-T's Happy Cereal Time Dance. It's extra happy when he's tormenting Coco by eating out of that gross bowl.

Coco tried to get Ice to retire his favorite cereal bowl. There was a protest.

Later, Coco dropped a bomb: "I wanna freeze my eggs," she said. Ice was appropriately surprised.

But Coco changed her tune when she found how how intensive the procedure was, and how she would have to get regular injections. So the two of them will be getting pregnant naturally when the time comes.

Coco had other things to worry about anyway, like her first gig as a weather reporter. To illustrate how hard it is to use a green screen, she patted her head and rubbed her stomach. Multi-talented, this one.

Things got off to a rough start on Good Day New York for Coco. She pointed to Memphis instead of Albuquerque.

But eventually she got the hang of things, and closed out the segment like a pro!

There you have it. Check back next week for more GIFs, and be sure to watch E! every Sunday at 10/9c for new episodes of Ice Loves Coco!