Fashion Face-Off: Lady Gaga vs. Madonna in a Battle Over Whose Butt Wore Fishnets Best

Both pop divas have been showing a lot of skin on their tours. But there can be only one fishnet-clad concert ass in the winner's circle.

By Leslie Gornstein Nov 13, 2012 10:00 PMTags
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So, this happened.

Words suddenly fail us.

All we know is that Madonna and Lady Gaga are criss-crossing the globe in fishnet tights that may or may not cover all of their titanium-hard super-glutes.

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We punt the question to you: Whose ass wore fishnets best onstage?


Fashion Police November 13 Poll

Whose butt shot is more mesmerizing?
Gaga's. It took me five minutes just to click the button.
Madonna's. Can't...look...away...