Bitch Stole My Plane: John Travolta vs. David Beckham at the Mile High Club

This Breitling ad once featured Travolta, and now it shows Beckham: but they both look nearly identical. So, when it comes to sky-high living, who are you riding with?

By Erin La Rosa Nov 13, 2012 9:30 PMTags
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Hold the phone: These are ads for a watch brand called Breitling?

We assumed we were being sold on a new airline. In which case, hands down, we'd join the mile high club with David Beckham.

No hard feelings to John Travolta. We're sure he in all his pilot glory are great, too. It's just that we'd rather fly first class with Beckham and see all those naughty tattoos, than hear John's voice break into song over the loudspeaker as he reminds us of how far away we are from our final destination.

Those watches are fab too. Probably.

But where can we get ourselves one of these Beckham planes? And do they come with sturdy bathroom door locks? Asking for a friend...


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