Lea Michele

Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

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The last time we saw a combo similar to this, it had a funnel around the waist, and it was on Nicki Minaj. Thanks to Lea Michele's recent trip to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno set, we know how the concept looks on an Earthling, and we're intrigued.

Lea's top reminds us, just a little, of the skintight vest Michonne wears while beheading zombies in The Walking Dead, except without the cool splattered brains all over it.

And the skirt's a tad too show choir for someone who, you know, plays a member of a show choir. We're also not fond of the ombré hair, as trendy as that may be among people who actually leave their houses every day.

But we will say this: love the shoes. They're not exactly fall, but with all the hot air coming out of Leno's mouth, it's probably like Indian summer over there anyway.

Carry on.

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