She's ba-a-ack!

Giuliana Rancic is returning to E! News following three months of maternity leave (and the birth of her adorable baby boy, Duke) with new cohost Terrence Jenkins, who is formally replacing Ryan Seacrest on the hit entertainment news show.

But don't think our buddy Ry is leaving the hosting platform without giving Terrence some tips. The American Idol host stopped by the studio to coach T on all things E!, and hilarity ensues as Giuliana and Ryan give Terrence conflicting advice, leaving E! News' new leading man baffled by the biz. 

A few tips from Seacrest?

"Never let Giuliana buy you lunch," Ryan tells Terrence as Giuliana offers Mr. Jenkins a sip of her salmon—yes, salmon—shake.

"Don't let Giuliana get in your head, because otherwise you'll end up sounding like a 12-year-old girl," the media mogul advises.  

"When something isn't funny, laugh loud to make it appear funny," Ryan explains as Terrence looks more confused than ever.

And of course, G also puts in her two cents—couching Terrance on abbrevs, the word "amazeballs" and finding your good side.

The hilarious clip is just the beginning for E!'s new dynamic duo. The twosome stopped by Live From E! this morning to say hello to Jason Kennedy, Ken Baker, Melanie Bromley and the rest of the crew.

While on set, Terrence dished that he had tons of fun prepping for his new gig, while also admitting that he's both nervous and excited.

Giuliana also revealed that it's been hard to be away from little Duke, but it felt like she never left when she pulled into the E! parking lot this morning. 

Check out both clips for even more dish from Terrence, Giuliana and the rest of the E! News crew, then don't forget to watch G's return and T's debut tonight at 7:30 p.m. and 11 p.m.!

And right after, be sure to tune in to Jason Kennedy's new show, Studio E, at 8 p.m.! 

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