Was the third time the charm for Anne Hathaway?

The Les Misérables star returned to Saturday Night Live this week, hosting the show for the third time and proving she's got one heck of a singing voice and some serious comedy chops to boot.

But, before Hathaway, looking stunning in a sleek black dress, kicked off the show with a comedic version of Les Mis' anthemic "One Day More" with the cast of the late-night laugher, it was time to address the results of the presidential election SNL-style.

Depressed and drinking his election loss woes away with a carton of milk, Mitt Romney (Jason Sudeikis) headed to his balcony to mope, while his identical sons (Taran Killam) and wife Anne (Kate McKinnon) tried to cheer him up.

"I'm so very angry father," Tag Romney (Killam) said. "I wish I could just punch America in the face. I do, I tell you. What's next for you father?" 

"There's so much I'd like to see and do," Romney replied. "I'd like to see how mayonnaise is made. I like mayonnaise very much."

And that wasn't the end of the election skits.

President Barack Obama (Jay Pharaoh) popped up on "Weekend Update" to celebrate his reelection, telling Seth Meyers he was a "little" surprised by the results.

"Republicans, what happened? This election was yours...8 percent unemployment, $5 gas, I even gave you a one-debate head start…and on top of that I'm black. But you still couldn't take me out," Obama said. 

Meanwhile, Hathaway's skits strayed away from the election and the Oscar-nominated actress shined when she goofed on a couple of her fellow thesps.

In a Homeland parody, Hathaway played Claire Danes' bipolar CIA agent character Carrie, having numerous freakouts and meltdowns not to mention making out with a detainee in an interview room while she was at it. 

Then, Hathaway took on Katie Holmes again (Hathaway impersonated her during her first SNL stint) with a spot-on impersonation of the Jack and Jill star.

Hathaway also made an appearance in a digital short called "Mokiki: The Legend of the Sloppy Swish" in which Mokiki (Killam) gets everyone he encounters to do his contagious, but, odd, dance move.

Rihanna also returned to the show to perform a couple of songs from her upcoming album, Unapologetic, singing "Diamonds" in an army fatigue coat and Timberlands with an odd, computer-generated montage in the background, and "Stay" in a Bob Marley-emblazoned top.

So, tell us, what did you think of Hathaway's stint on SNL?

Sound off in the comments. 

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