Lolo Jones, Jazmine Fenlato

AP Photo/Mike Groll; Harry How/Getty Images

Lolo Jones just cleared her first hurdle when it comes to proving that becoming a winter Olympian was the right thing to do.

The 30-year-old track and field star, who unfortunately for her has made more headlines for her looks and lack-of-sexual-history than she has for her trophy accumulation, won silver today in the two-woman bobsled to kick off the World Cup in Lake Placid, N.Y.

Jones announced last month that she was joining the U.S. bobsled team—seemingly a random choice for a run-and-jumper—after failing to medal in her marquee event at the London Olympics, the 100-meter hurdles.

"Pre Race... SO NerVouS! If vomit in this helmet where does it go?" she tweeted before swooshing off to victory. 

"I'm kind of in shock," Jones told ESPN afterward. "We've been training with all the other Team USA members. It's been an inner battle within our own team. I think this is great that we had a great run today on race day. I'm so used to just so relying on myself. I've never experienced this level of having a team before."

The "we" she was referring to is her and pal Tianna Madison, a gold medalist in the 4x100-meter relay in London who is also new to the bobsledding scene. Jones and driver Jazmine Fenlator just edged Madison and Elana Meyers for the silver by .01 seconds.

This may not be how she thought she was going to get there, but perhaps there's an Olympic podium in Lolo's future after all!

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