Turn-ons? "Girl power!" Turn-offs? "Negative people."

No, Spice Girl Geri Halliwell (that's Ginger Spice, to you) didn't get the coveted centerfold for Playboy's May issue, so we're just guessing at her Bunny Profile.

Still, readers should get a kick out of the new batch of nude photographs of Halliwell, taken several years ago, before she was wearing Union Jacks on her backside, shouting "Girl Power" and crooning "Wannabe"--back when she was just a go-go dancer living on the Mediterranean island of Majorca, and her dream was to be a Turkish game-show hostess.

The new issue--hitting newsstands next week--features Ginger on the cover, wearing her signature Union Jack miniskirt and holding her mic. The immensely clever cover line? "Spice It Up."

Playboy doesn't say where the photos came from, or how old Halliwell (now 25) was when she posed for it. She's currently doing her Spiceworld world tour, so she's unavailable for comment.

In any event, Naked Spice pics shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Spice Exposed--a 47-minute video chock full of photos snapped when Halliwell was a starving 19-year-old--hit the market in December.

In the Playboy photos, a younger, softer and heavier Ginger (heck, her hair wasn't even red back then) wears nothing but heels and fishnets. The layout also mixes in several shots of the gal group hobnobbing with the likes of Prince Charles and Nelson Mandela.

Magazine devotees will also want to flip to "The President's Miss America Nude"--a photo spread of Highlander star and former tiara wearer Elizabeth Gracen, who admitted earlier this week she slept with Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas.

And, of course, baseball fans will enjoy the 1998 season preview.

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