Snoop Dogg

Djamilla Rosa Cochran/

Looks like Snoop Dogg is really more of a pussycat.

A British senior immigration appeals judge has overturned the order preventing the rapper from entering the U.K.

The ban followed a headline-grabbing 2006 incident at Heathrow Airport in which Snoop and his entourage were accused of being a booze-fueled band of troublemakers who sparked a brawl with airport security.

Turns out, that wasn't quite the case.

Judge George Warr made the decision to allow Snoop back into the country after viewing security footage of the rapper at British Airways' first-class terminal and deciding that whatever disorder took place was "precipitated by decisions made by BA staff and the police."

The video, the judge said, showed Snoop in the gentlest of lights, playing with children and, later, refraining from any form of retaliation after twice being pushed by a police officer. The rapper was also seen being cuffed on the ground without resisting.

Britain's Home Office, which placed the ban on the rapper's visa to begin with, has until next Wednesday to appeal the decision.

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