Another video full of complex imagery and storytelling—or in any case, Rihanna being all mysterious and sexyhas been released for your viewing pleasure. 

The Barbadian beauty released her music video for the first single of her Unapologetic album, "Diamonds," which begins with a black-and-white visual of the singer rolling, um, something, with diamonds. 

Not sure how that would work, but we'll go with it.

In between moments of exhaling a certain type of smoke (ahem), fans see Ri-Ri at various locations that highlight one of the elements: earth, wind, water and fire.

There's also a couple of scenes that show her hand slowly releasing the grasp of a male's tattooed arm, which may or may not be a surprise guest appearance by none other than Chris Brown. It's not a farfetched thought. 

Watch the official video for "Diamonds" and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Fashion Spotlight: Rihanna

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