Naomi Harris, Daniel Craig, Skyfall


New Bond Girl Naomie Harris found herself in a very hairy situation with Daniel Craig when they were making Skyfall—and she didn't mind one bit!

And who could blame her? In one particularly hot scene, Harris, who plays one of James Bond's fellow agents, had to give Craig a shave with straight-edge razor while he was wearing nothing but a towel.

She actually trained with a barber for three weeks. "We started off on balloons and then we graduated to members of the crew and then finally onto Daniel," Harris says.

Even if she wasn't allowed to use a real razor on Craig, it was still nerve-wracking. "It's very distracting especially when he's wearing a towel," Harris said. "It's hard to stay focused. He's a very hot man."

He sure is. And so are all the men in our Grizzly Guys photo gallery.

Take a look now.

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