DiCaprio Sues "Playgirl" Over Nude Spread

Actor says publication of such photos would cause him severe emotional distress

By Marcus Errico Mar 27, 1998 2:45 AMTags
Leonardo DiCaprio may not be doing the full monty, after all. The actor sued Playgirl Thursday to keep the magazine from publishing nude pictures of him in its July issue.

A "reasonable person of ordinary sensibilities [would] not want to disclose in a nationally published magazine...his completely naked body, including full frontal nudity," says the thesp du jour in court papers.

The 23-year-old Titanic titan claims he found out the mag planned to publish nude pics of him about 10 days ago. According to the suit, Playgirl has refused repeated requests to identify the source of the pictures or even let Leo look at the photos. (The magazine's editor-in-chief says she quit over the illicit snapshots.)

These as-yet unseen photos have apparently caused Leo much emotional distress, according to the complaint, filed in L.A. County Superior Court. He's seeking unspecified damages for that pain, while also charging Playgirl with invasion of privacy. The suit asks for a court injuntion halting any publication of the mystery photos.

(Depending on which tabloid you read, the photos either were taken on the set of an upcoming film or came from 1995's Total Eclipse--a Z-grade indie film Leo made back in his pre-Titanic, starving artist days.)

"Mr. DiCaprio is confident that his rights will be protected by the courts, and will not tolerate Playgirl or any other person or entity's illegal exploitation of his name and likeness," his publicist said.

Calls to the magazine were not immediately returned.

The The Man in the Iron Mask star is the latest Hollywood heartthrob to be the subject of an illicit photo spread in the publication in a year.

Brad Pitt sued the nudie magazine last July to stop it from publishing 2-year-old photos of him cavorting in the buff with then gal-pal Gwyneth Paltrow. A Los Angeles judge later barred the company from sending out any more copies.

This week the magazine settled a lawsuit brought by Antonio Banderas. The actor had sued claiming nude pictures purportedly of him taken from the Internet and published in the magazine were not really of him but of a look-alike. Terms of the settlement were not disclosed.