Keyboard Cat Returns in JAM-tastic Google Chrome Commercial—With Skrillex Llama

Everyone's favorite meme is spoofed in an animated ad for music software

By John Boone Nov 08, 2012 6:45 PMTags

America's favorite feline is back on top! No, not Garfield. Or Felix. Or Meredith. OK, America's favorite YouTube celebri-kitty. No, not Maru either. We'll just tell you: It's Keyboard Cat!

The piano playing pussycat (or at least an animated version of him) stars in this adorable commercial for JAM with Chrome. And the meme-inspiring Fatso, that's Keyboard Cat's real name, of course, has some friends: A Skrillex llama, gangster dolphin and attention whore sloth!

Too cute! And good luck getting that song out of your head today! But now for the toughest question you that ever will be posed to you: Who tickles those ivories best, Keyboard Cat or Cartoon Keyboard Cat?!