Kristen Stewart is super busy these days promoting Breaking Dawn Part 2, but she still made time to fulfill her civic duty on Election Day.

"I did [get a chance to vote]," she said Wednesday on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. "I had an absentee ballot. I had my buddy drop it off."

(Sorry, Twi-hards: Bella didn't reveal whether she was Team Obama or Team Romney.)

Smiling and giggling, K.Stew talked about filming with her CGI baby in Breaking Dawn Part 2. While "occasionally" there was an actual baby on set, Robert Pattinson's real-life ladylove worked "a Chuckie doll…It closely resembled Chuckie!"

But freaky dolls and all, Kristen's going to miss her Twilight family.

"We have this really nice send-off," she said. "So for anyone who doesn't want it to be over, twist that knife. It really just doesn't make it easy."

Aw. Just remember Kristen: Twilight is forever.

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