Beyonce, Twit Pic

Beyoncé is ready to conquer another social media platform: Instagram!

After taking on Twitter and Tumblr, the diva debuted her brand spankin' new account on Election Night with a pro-Obama shot. And like everything Queen B does, she's already winning at Instagramming. Her username is baddiebey, for one, how fierce is that?!

Since we tend to think of ourselves as filter-savvy, we have five suggestions for pics we want to see from Ms. Knowles:

1. #ThrowbackThursdays: #FlashbackFriday would work for us too, we're not sure what B's schedule is like. We've seen cutie pie photos of Beyoncé when she was pint sized, so what we really want here are vintage Destiny's Child pictures of, say, Bey sewing the costumes Mama Knowles designed.

2. Blue Ivy: You know how people like to use your Facebook feed as their personal baby photo album? So annoying! Unless, of course, the baby in question is Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy Carter. We'd have no problem watching her go from designer diapers to House of Dereon onesies.

3. Selfies: Any shots Beyoncé takes of herself are sure to hit the popular page, but here's our dream: girls' night selfies! Like, Bey rocking some duck lips while posing with Michelle Obama during a White House sleepover. Or maybe a poolside shot with bestie Gwyneth Paltrow.

4. Nail Shots: Bey's manicure game is always on point, so in addition to a regular "Outfit of the Day" shot we want her to show off any and all nail design she sports. We have to assume B can rock the talon look, but who knows what kind of nail trend she could start herself!

5. Rich Kids of Instagram: Or Rich Pop Stars of Instagram, as it would be in this case. We just want to see a lifestyle of excess! We want to peep the inside of Bey and husband Jay-Z's home! We want to see them on private planes and yachts! We want Instagrammed receipts at the end of dinner! #guccilivin

Oh, and Bey? Pro tip: Never use the Kelvin filter. Ever.

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