Mischa Barton Hats

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Usually when we see a montage of someone trying on hats, that person is Julia Roberts or Katherine Heigl. And they're maybe 23 with a song like "(Oh) Pretty Woman" playing in the background, and it's all supposed to be a symbol for a young girl growing up and becoming a confident, feminine lady who uses phrases like, "Please, do so!"

Until Mischa Barton started trying on hats. Cue record-scratching sound.

We would like to imagine that Barton has some top-hatted older gent standing just off camera, coaching her in the ways of the social graces until she blossoms into the swan she already is on the inside. But, then again, these are not those kinds of hats. These are the kinds of toppers you'd see on the crazier witches in Diagon Alley, the extras hired to pass Harry Potter as he realizes he's not on Privet Drive anymore.

Then again, maybe Barton's just gunning for an invite to the next royal wedding. Somewhere out there, in the deepest recesses of Kensington Palace, Princess Beatrice is weeping.

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