Rihanna's Split Fashion Personality Disorder: Incognito Spy vs. Look at Me Starlet

It seems like most of the paparazzi pics of Ri-Ri are telling us one thing: this girl loves to show off her legs, even though she doesn't want you to see her.

By Leslie Gornstein Nov 07, 2012 6:55 PMTags
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People write to us all the time asking what those poor miserable stars must be thinking as they're set upon by packs of paparazzi.

We've run the following photos of Rihanna through our fabulous Fashion Foto Analysis Thingbot, and now we can give you hard, research-based answers. Kill the lights and fire up the Power Point, because this is going to be one hell of a presentation for science! Well, OK, maybe just for fashion.

Let the completely reliable mindreading of Ri-Ri begin!

"I'm wearing a trench. Trenches are totally for sneaking around, you guys. So, don't look at me. But wait a second while I cheat to the light. OK, there. That's totally my best side, right? Don't look at me!"


"Back off. I'm not working right now. Also, my legs are awesome."


"I am not on a red carpet, you vultures! Step away! Just be sure the caption mentions my legs."


"There's a reason why I'm wearing leopard, people—it's called camouflage. And, yet, you hound and hound me! It's as if I'm dressed in an itty-bitty skirt and bright lipstick or something, and...never mind."


"Just because my abs are perfect doesn't mean you have to follow me everywhere and take pictures of them. Just kidding! Of course that's what it means."