Does Madonna get her lyrics at the same place most of us buy clothes?

It seems she does--at least for her new techno-influenced album, Ray of Light.

Those with a keen recollection of television advertising will notice the introductory lyrics to the song "Sky Fits Heaven"--credited on Ray of Light to Madonna and longtime collaborator Patrick Leonard--are gosh-darned similar to what poet Max Blagg recited for a 1993 Gap clothing commercial.

Here, look for yourself:

Madonna's song:
"Sky fits heaven, so fly it/
That's what the prophet said to me/
Child fits mother, so hold your baby tight/
That's what my future could see...

Blagg's poem:
Sky fits heaven, so ride it/
Child fits mother, so hold your baby tight/
Lips fit mouth, so kiss them...

See what everybody's talking about?

It's a fairly hot topic in chat rooms. And in its April issue, Rolling Stone paid reference to this similarity in its review of the diva's new album.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News ran a story about the matter Thursday, reportedly getting Madonna's record-label publicist at Warner Bros. to admit the singer paid Blagg in lieu of reprinting the album's liner notes and crediting him.

The critically accepted Ray of Light sold an impressive 371,000 copies in its first week of release alone, which put it just behind the mega-selling Titanic soundtrack in this week's Billboard music charts.

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