Sons of Anarchy

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Last week on Sons, we watched as Jax, well, pimped out his mother. That's sort of the deal, anyway, as he's now using a disgraced Gemma as bait to get information from Clay, who Jax believes is trying to bring him down from the inside. Talk about an awkward mother-son convo. How far will Gemma go with Clay to get back on her son's good side? (Probably all the way.)

Gemma and Nero, Together Again: After Nero was forbidden from seeing Gemma, by order of King Jax, who didn't want his mother anywhere near his new business partner, it was a visibly tough break for the pair. But now that Nero wants nothing to do with Sons, on account of the flying bullets they tend to bring near him, Gemma is fair game. But there are a few complications, such as Gemma's aforementioned new mission to get back with Clay, all in the name of gaining his trust enough to get him to spill his murky guts.

Clay Wants to Get to Frankie First—and He Does: Clay's been a bad boy, and he'll do anything to cover his tracks. Including, of course, kill a guy who has faithfully done his bidding. Jax, though, is determined to get to Frankie first, not just because he believes Clay is behind all the inner-turmoil of the gang and only Frankie can confirm it, but because he's had a request from Roosevelt: bring Frankie back, so that Roosevelt can finish him. But the plan doesn't go down that smoothly. Clay and Juice are the first to find Frankie, who's hiding out in a cabin. But Frankie learns there's danger on the way, that the Sons are coming, and they're out for blood. So a frantic Frankie offs his compatriot in typical, violent fashion, and before we know it, Clay and Juice are at the door, ready to kill. But not so fast—Jax shows up and stops Clay from killing Frankie, who is now the only person who knows that Clay has been behind the clan's turmoil. But just then, just as the situation calms a bit and a bright light begins to form for Jax, a distraught Leo walks in and takes out Frankie straightaway, bam!, no questions asked. Good news for Clay—bad for Jax, who was just inches away from the truth about Clay.

Gemma Needs to Know That the Offer's Real: Before Gemma goes off and does anything drastic or disgusting, like reigniting her relationship with Clay, she needs to know that the offer from Jax is real. But she doesn't need Jax to tell her that—she needs Tara's word. Tara, reluctantly, tells her that if she does what Jax wishes, Tara will find her way back into the family. But where does that leave Gemma and Nero, the recently repaired lovebirds? Certainly not in a relationship that revolves around honesty, especially not now that their relationship is blossoming and Gemma is expected to start two-timing with her ex-mate. You can smell the future drama brewing here, what with its bright notes of infidelity and distrust, followed by a whiff of Why the Hell Can't She Just Be Honest With Somebody for Once?

Jax Brings Frankie's Body to Roosevelt: Well, this may not have been exactly what Roosevelt wanted, but really, what is Jax to do? He brings Frankie's body to him, and Roosevelt's obviously not pleased; but the man is dead, and dead is dead. Oh, also, Jax is pretty certain who the rat among the group is, so he doesn't need Roosevelt's tip that much anyway: It's Juice. And that's where we're left: Jax ominously pulling out into a dark street following Juice's bike—who can say exactly where the road will end?


"Yeah, p---y tells all."—Tig

"Being an old lady was your life's ambition?"—Nero

"I'm an old lady, protecting my man."—Tara

"Come in crying', go out in tupperware."—Gemma

"Jesus, the dead stink."—Gemma

"I just want to feel a woman's hand on me, one more time."—Otto

"My conscience is clear."—Clay

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