As you all know, it's Election Day—so we hope you're sporting your "I Voted" sticker (a la Marc Malkin) as you're reading this recap!    

Jason Kennedy, Marc Malkin and Liz Hernandez were joined today by Terrence Jenkins who called in to discuss his exclusive interview with Chris Brown. Chris actually gave Terrence carte blanche before they sat down to chat—so what did he ask him?! Watch the replay to find out.

Plus, are former friends Rihanna and Katy Perry on the outs over the RiRi's reunion with Chris?! We have the update and why Rihanna says it's "Nobodies Business".

Also, if you were torn between which late-night Twilight interview to watch last night (K.Stew on Leno or R.Pattz on Kimmel)—not to worry, we watched both of them and we'll tell you exactly what you missed!

Finally, could Lindsay Lohan be facing jail time again?! Seems like the troubled starlet has once again landed on the wrong side of the law, stemming from something that happened all the way back in June—and we've got all the details.

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