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Are stars actually voting today, or just telling everyone else to vote?
—Not Undecided, Billings, Mo., via Twitter

Oh, stars are voting all right. Looky at that spankin'-fresh photo up there, of Sarah Jessica Parker leaving a polling place in the world's tiniest Obama T-shirt. As for how other stars are letting their voices be heard, I have the scoop.

Nikki Reed, Mary J. Blige and plenty of other stars are tweeting live from their local polling places, while Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and Beyoncé have indicated that they prefer absentee ballots.

There are also photos floating around of stars like Dianna Agron and Hilary Duff bearing the telltale sticker of the recently balloted. Singer Keri Hilson voted early so that she could make her mark before a visit to China.

"I've seen stars who prefer both in-person voting and absentee ballots," says Kimberly McFarland of the Association of Celebrity Personal Assistants. "And there's usally no problem with waiting in line."

But a few stars are making even bigger statements.

Take Ne-Yo, who has a new album out today. I hear the musician was going to vote via absentee ballot, but the document didn't arrive in time, so he decided to visit a polling place at the Cathedral of St. Philip in Atlanta to both cast a ballot and promote the new album, R.E.D.

Clever, that Ne-Yo. I wonder whether he's voting R.E.D. or B.L.U.E.

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