Kristen Stewart, Jay Leno, Tonight Show

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Soon, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will walk a red carpet together again. But until then, the real-life couple's Breaking Dawn Part 2 press tour continues with separate sit-downs.

The costars hit up competing networks Monday, with Stewart visiting The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and Pattinson dropping by Jimmy Kimmel Live to offer up their thoughts on the impending conclusion of the Twilight series, in theaters Nov. 16.

So, who had the better showing while seated on the late-night hot seat?

First of all, we wouldn't call either seat hot, exactly.

Pattinson was his usual charming British self, so he probably he won by an accent, but both he and Stewart offered up a few new tidbits of information, some more informative than others.

"I clearly am not recognized in this paparazzi photo," Stewart cracked when Leno asked whether she donned a freaky mask on Halloween in order to lie low.

She recalled buying the masks that she and her man wore in a store in Tokyo "that sold absolutely everything you could possibly imagine—really weird sex toys, fish-flavored Tootsie Rolls...And I bought it all!"

Kimmel didn't have as much luck inquiring about that random photo of Pattinson in which he appears to be drilling a hole in a table in a New York City bar.

"I honestly don't remember," he said of the impromptu woodwork, though he agreed it might have been performance art when Kimmel joked, "So, this wasn't a project?"

Aksed if he was getting caught up in all of the recent the election madness , Pattinson said, "I would vote for people like me to not be able to vote." He's British and not a U.S. citizen, so the sentiment is moot, but the actor did recall that he was on his first Twilight press tour in 2008 when President Barack Obama was first elected.

"I had absolutely no idea what was happening" at the time, he admitted.

Over in Burbank, Leno asked Stewart a fair amount of same-old questions about vampire contact lenses (yes, we know they're terribly uncomfortable) hunting mountain lions (Kristen, you didn't really hunt a mountain lion) and finally getting to be a vampire in the final film (Kristen, there's no such thing as vampires).

She admitted to keeping as souvenirs all of the rings that Bella has worn throughout the series, as well as, from other films, a suit of armor and a pink G-string from when she played a stripper in Welcome to the Rileys. (She did not say whether the armor was from Snow White and the Huntsman.)

Both shows played clips from Breaking Dawn Part 2, with the Kimmel-designated snippet being a little more on the passionate side.

"I just noticed, this is a very clear example of it...every single scene I end up kissing someone...I have extraordinarily loud little pecks," Pattinson observed. "It sounds like I'm walking around in Wellies...I don't understand, my lip is literally like a vacuum."

The screaming girls in the audience sounded as if they would have gladly gotten in line for a little Hoover action.

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