Chris Brown: The One Thing People Don't Know About Me Is...

"Peace starts here with me," F.A.M.E. artist dishes to E! News' Terrence Jenkins about his vision for the future

By Natalie Finn Nov 06, 2012 6:25 AMTags
Watch: What You Didn't Know About Chris Brown

Chris Brown has one less secret now.

"I love that question," he smiled when E! News' Terrence Jenkins caught up with the F.A.M.E. artist today at Los Angeles launch of his Symphonic Love Foundation and asked what the one thing is that people don't know about him. "Every time I'm asked that I don't know how to explain."

But though Brown's most devoted fans may have already guessed as much, the public at large might be startled by how much weight the singer puts on his own shoulders.

For starters, he's planning on a tour that's going to "top everything" that came before, feeling he owes it to his fans to pump up the entertainment factor exponentially when he next hits the road.

But that's not the one thing he most wants people to know.

"I think, [it's] that I'm 100 percent dedicated in everything that I do," Brown said. "I want to embody everything that's positive."

"I've accomplished all I need to accomplish in my life as far as me being able to say I can successfully sing, I can dance onstage with the greatest," he continued. "At the end of the day, when I need to be great is when people can say I've helped out the world. It first starts here, helping myself, but what I want to do is bring peace to the world.

"Not to sound all Team USA!" he laughed.

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