Madonna, Lady Gaga

Ian Gavan/Getty Images, Todd Williamson/WireImage

If pop stars were politicians, Madonna would probably be Mitt Romney and Lady Gaga would be Barack Obama. Or maybe Madge would be POTUS? And nobody would be Romney? The point is: We just can't imagine Romney wearing a pantsless leotard.

Anyway, the Material Girl and "Born This Way" songstress have exchanged shots in real life, so why not pit them against each other on Election Day? It's a pop-star war at the polls right now and you decide who comes out on top: Madonna vs. Lady Gaga!

One is a blond songstress known for raising eyebrows with her controversial ways. The other is Lady Gaga. Wait, let's try that again: One is a gay icon known for her crazy fashion sense and extravagant stage shows. And the other is Madonna. Hmm, maybe they do have a lot in common.

On the glitter ticket is Gaga, with her over-the-top outfits, topless TwitPics and anthems of empowerment (baby, you were born this way!). On the material ticket, of course, is Madge, with her Super Bowl spot, blond ambition and penchant for drama. The choice is yours.

Pop Culture Election: Madonna vs. Lady Gaga
Who gets your vote?
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