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If we had to pick between a boring little black dress and a crazy little white dress, we'll take the latter every time. In fashion, it's always better to be bonkers than boring.

Looks like at least two celebrities agree with our philosophy.

Whether Jennifer Hudson meant to dress like a wedding cake or not, we applaud her taking a risk in this Dolce & Gabbana. We only wish that her stylist had done something about those odd ridges under the bust and along the hips—unless those are supposed to be delicious flourishes of pure buttercream. In that case, we take it all back and we'd like a glass of milk, now, please.

Then there's Rita Ora. Forget the fact that she's wearing Thierry Mugler, only the greatest, ballsiest couture designer of the late '80s and early '90s. Forget that she's carrying a clutch that may or may not double as a box of Russell Stover valentine chocolates, which, for the record, would be genius.

No, Rita wins the red carpet for that Sunset Boulevard face alone. But that's just our opinion. Now it's time for yours.

Which little white dress wins?

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Whose little white dress are you going crazy for?
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