Justin Bieber doesn't just want to swag swag swag, on you. He wants to spritz you with Girlfriend, his signature scent for women.

In a new teaser clip for the perfume, Selena Gomez's boo sings an acoustic version of "Boyfriend." He also gets petted—or stroked?—on the shoulder by a female as they hang out in the park. (Wonder why they're not chilLin' by the fire while eatin' fondue?!)

"make it trend… #GIRLFRIEND," Justin tweeted Sunday, along with a link to the teaser. "#ThruYourEyes," he added tauntingly.

The Biebs also retweeted director Alfredo Flores' compliment: " Feeling bad for all of you who only have a few ovaries left. The new #Girlfriend commercial will destroy them."

Who needs humility when you can tell millions of girls how you'd like them to smell?

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