Adele, Lady Gaga

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Well, nobody was talking about it!

Lady Gaga, who has made no bones about the fact that she's gained some weight this year, wondered aloud in an interview with Stylist UK why no one ever mentions Adele's bigger-than-your-average-stick-figure size.

"When I heard [her weight gain] was on the news, where they talk about wars, the economy crashing and the election—I just thought, ‘This is f---king ridiculous.' I mean, what kind of example is that to a young girl sitting at home?" Gaga said.

"I thought, Well, I don't really care if they think I'm fat,' because, quite honestly, I did gain about 30 pounds," the Born This Way artist continued.

"Adele is bigger than me, how come nobody says anything about it? She's so wonderful and I think her confidence is something I have to match. She has set the bar very high for a lot of women. I need to be a confident woman and just say politically active things when I can that are helpful to young people."

On the flip side, Gaga just got the Internet chattering about her recent weight loss by going as "Princess High the Cannabis Queen" for Halloween.

Or, more simply, she was topless weed.

But even though that look was perfectly flattering, she insisted to Stylist UK that nudity is still where it's at for her.

"That is most me—when I'm sighing out the whole day into a warm bath," Gaga said. "So I guess what I'm saying is when I'm wearing the bathtub. The bathtub outfit."

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