If there was one thing that Saturday Night Live wasn't going to let off the hook this week, it was Hurricane Sandy!

The superstorm, which has caused massive damage to the East Coast, including New York City was the butt of many jokes on last night's episode.

The show opened with Fred Armisen as New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg thanking all of those who've helped in post-storm recovery efforts.

"I'd also like to thank my staff with a special thanks to my sign-language translator Lydia Callis who brought some pizazz to what would otherwise have been a dour occasion," Armisen cracked, while Cecily Strong mocked Lydia's animated hand gestures behind him.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, played by Bobby Moynihan, also shared his state's thoughts on the massive storm. "We don't get sad in New Jersey, we get even," he bellowed. "So sleep with one eye open Sandy!

During the night's Fox and Friends skit, the right-wing happy-talk morning crew blamed President Barack Obama for Hurricane Sandy in a hilarious attack, saying, "We're now hearing that Obama knew about the storm days in advance."

"And he did nothing to stop it!"

Jason Sudeikis then popped up on Fox & Friends as Donald Trump to follow up on his $5 million school-records offer to Obama.

"I'm here to make another exclusive bombshell announcement," Sudeikis said. "I have it on good authority from an African national that I met at a Rainforest Cafe that President Obama has been texting with some of the world's top terrorists, including [Homeland villain] Abu Nazir, Jafar and the Riddler!"

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers' Weekend Update made light of the terrible storm, joking, "Four days after Hurricane Sandy hit New York power was restored Friday night to the majority of Manhattan, helping thousands of people in the boroughs reunite with loved ones," and showing a man hugging his iPad.

Meyers continued, "New York City officials are saying that the city's flooded subway system may be running at full capacity sometime next week, which would be amazing since it never has before."

Sudeikis joined Meyers on Weekend Update as Mitt Romney to remind people that in the wake of Sandy, he is still running for President by defending Romney's statement that he'd cut funding for disaster relief org FEMA:

"If there's one thing people should know about Mitt Romney at this point, it's that nothing I've said in the past should be any indication of my positions in the future," Sudeikis cracked.

Sandy aside, other sketches on last night's SNL included Louis taking on Abraham Lincoln searching for black friends in NYC and doing standup comedy in a parody of his hit FX show Louis. In the show's final skit, Last Call, Louis met up with the last lady in a bar [Kate McKinnon] before the two engage in a makeout tongue-fest and face-licking that sent the crowd into cheers of laughter.

Musical guest Fun also performed their hit songs "Some Nights" and "Carry On."

(E! and Saturday Night Live are a part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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