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Mark Cuban has a message for Donald Trump: Put up or shut up!

Making light of the reality star's much-ridiculed "big announcement" that he'd donate $5 million to charity if Barack Obama released his college transcripts, the Dallas Mavericks owner and billionaire entrepreneur has issued Trump a challenge of his own.

In an interview with Dallas' Fox 4 News, Cuban offered to give $1 million to charity if the real estate mogul shaved that famous comb-over of his.

Donald Trump extends deadline on $5 million offer to Obama

"The offer he made for $5 million, that was one of the dumbest things ever," Cuban mused, eyes rolling big-time. "But I thought about responding to him, maybe if I put up a million or two million, if he'll shave his head?"

The Shark Tank star then looked right at the camera and offered a biting rejoinder:

"Donald, you shave your head, $1 million to any charity you want," he said.

So far, Trump has yet to indicate whether he'll take Cuban up on his proposition. Maybe that's because he's been busy on his Twitter feed blasting the commander-in-chief and even posting another video attacking Obama for his so-called "lack of transparency."

But Cuban's not the only one calling the Apprentice boss out. Stephen Colbert also got in on the act, offering to donate a cool $1 million to charity from his Colbert Super Pac if Trump would let the fake newsman "dip" his, uh, little Colberts in Trump's mouth.

Somehow, we doubt Trump will take him up on that one too.

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