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After five films together spanning many years, it's no surprise that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and the rest of the Twilight gang have a lot to say. Like how Rob said he was starstruck meeting K.Stew and Taylor Lautner.

Or Kristen's reaction to the final scene of the movie (spoiler alert: It's a real tear jerker) and the future for Edward Cullen and his vampire wife.

But the actors had even more to offer up at yesterday's Breaking Dawn Part 2 press conference, of which we've rounded up seven of the best tidbits.

1. The Big Dance-Off: While we won't see the scene in BD2, the cast is happy to spill all the details: "There was this huge dance that happened, where the Cullen team had choreographed a dance," Michael Sheen recalled, saying the footage may end up on the DVD. "So when they said action and we went to do this big sort of standoff, they suddenly went into 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).'"

Nikki Reed continued, "We took our lunch breaks, we really went for it with that." Elizabeth Reaser, meanwhile, was quick to name the most valuable dancer: "Michael Sheen had some of the craziest moves because he really incorporated his character into his moves...He was being really fierce!"

2. Rob's Acting Secret: "I just quite like working with kids. I like working with kids and I like working with animals, which is what everybody says you shouldn't do," Rob revealed about playing onscreen dad to Mackenzie Foy . "It makes you feel like you're not acting, as soon as you have someone who's just providing stuff to react to."

Rob continued with a laugh, "I say put a baby in every scene. It's like, put a dog in every scene and everyone will be better, guaranteed. And if they're not better, shoot the dog!" Before adding, "They got some good baby actors."

3. Taylor's Wig-stalgia: Remember all the way back to New Moon: A newly buffed Taylor Lautner was prepping to debut his new 'do, but not without rocking long locks one last time via a wig. So did Lautner hold on to it? "The last scene I filmed with the wig, I took it off and they picture wrapped my wig. They were like, 'That's a franchise wrap on Jacob's wig,'" he remembered.

"Everybody knew how much I hated that thing, so everybody was so happy for me. They asked me, 'Do you want it?' and I was like, 'No get that away from me,'" he laughed. "I told them that they could burn it, but now looking back on it, of course, I'm like, 'Man, I should have kept that thing.'"

4. Kristen's Action Injury: It's no secret that Kristen Stewart—much like her big-screen alter ego—is a bit prone to injuries (remember that cast she was sporting post-Snow White and the Huntsman?) So no one should be surprised that she broke her thumb on BD2. K.Stew explained, "I'd been on the sidelines for so long, just itching. Going, 'I think I could do that pretty well…I think those contacts are going to look pretty cool.' So I was bursting to do it.

"Which is probably why I broke my thumb; I was a little overzealous," she said while discussing her action-packed transformation into a vampire. "It was like breaking her in, like a car. How fast does it go? It was fun."

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5. Rob's Favorite Vamps: Edward Cullen might be everyone's favorite vampire—or at least a staple in most Top 10 lists. But the man who donned those infamous fangs probably isn't paying attention to the undead hierarchy.

"I haven't seen that many vampire things," Rob responded when asked about his favorite vamp films. "It's always been strange to me that somebody would say they're a vampire fan. I'm not a nonfan, but it's just such an unusual thing to be a fan of. Like people who say, 'I love zombie movies. I just love them. They're my favorite.' It's more of a psychological problem than being an actual fan."

6. K.Stew's Keepsakes: Sure, she's got oodles of memories, but did Kristen Stewart take anything from set to help her remember her time on Twilight? "I kept the rings. The rings are really important to me," she confessed. "Her mother gives her a moon ring in the beginning, and it fully and completely reminds me of Catherine Hardwicke every time I look at it."

And she kept another (newer, blingier) addition: "Yeah, I have that too," she said of Bella's engagement ring. "I held onto that one. Those are really, really extremely important to me. I love those things."

7. The Big BD2 Twist: We all know there's a twist in the final Twilight Saga film that will surely surprise fans of the book series (Lautner confirmed as much during a recent talk show appearance). So what does Stephenie Meyer, the woman who created it all, think?

First of all, "I wouldn't call it an alternate ending," Stephenie set the record straight. "The end was something we knew that had to be cracked…In a way, it's kind of offscreen in the novel because we only see what Bella sees. This was just a way of making visual what some of the other characters might have been seeing. It does feel very surprising...There's definitely something new to see, but to me it doesn't seem like we're going hugely off the page at all.

You'll have to wait until The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 hits theaters on Nov. 16 to experience the surprise for yourself, though.

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