Mitt Romney's chances to win the 2012 presidential election just went from good to "excellent."

While Homer Simpson may have some regrets about voting for the Republican nominee, what with having been outsourced to China and all, the barely beating heart of Springfield's 1 percent is adamantly throwing his weight (what there is of it, anyway) behind Romney.

"I have to say that, despite those unimaginably horrible good job numbers, we're feeling pretty confident," C. Montgomery Burns says in a new "ad" endorsing Romney over President Barack Obama

"There's only one thing that might deny us the presidency that is the God-given property of the Republican party," he continues. 

"The 47 percent tape?" a probably pretty bummed Mr. Smithers asks. "The empty chair? Cayman Islands? Swiss bank accounts?" The list goes on.

"No, no, no and no. It's a shaggy-dog story about an actual shaggy dog," Mr. Burns insists.

The indestructible old coot is referring to the infamous dog-strapped-to-the-roof-of-Romney's-car story, which he proceeds to debunk in truly Burnsian fashion.

Release the hound!

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