Chelsea Lately, John C. Reilly


The interview on last night's Chelsea Lately started as any would: with Chelsea comparing John C. Reilly's curly locks to pubic hair. But the joking was pushed to the side for a moment as Reilly began to speak about the devastation following Hurricane Sandy.

The storm may have passed, noted Reilly, but the recovery is just beginning. "Yeah, some insane weather went through," Reilly said during the interview, "but now people are gonna be dealing with it for a long time."

With that, Reilly put out a challenge to the audience: text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10 and help with disaster relief on the East Coast.

The devastation from the storm is an important point for Handler, too. As a New Jersey native, it all quite literally hits close to home for her, especially considering how much damage was dealt to the Garden State in the past few days.

So, Handler is choosing to lead by example: she met Reilly's challenge and then some, donating $100,000 to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts all over the East Coast. With these funds and the donations from people all over the country, the Red Cross can help provide food, shelter and comfort to those who lost their homes to the storm and are left without anywhere to go.

Check out the clip from the interview below, and feel free if you have the means to join John C. Reilly and Chelsea Handler in donating what you can to the Red Cross via text or the website.

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